Intellectual Property and Brand Enforcement

A brand is one of an organisation's most valuable assets, however with rising trends in global counterfeiting, piracy and trademark infringements, legitimate organisations are under constant threat of brand dilution and financial loss. As a result, it has become necessary for organisations to invest resources into intellectual property and brand enforcement.

ChaseWaterford is a leading expert in the protection and enforcement of brands, patents, trademarks and products. Our experience and acute understanding of the complexity, sophistication and global scale of intellectual property theft, has earned us a reputation as one of the most trusted anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting service providers in Africa. Our clients include telecommunication, pharmaceutical, financial, mining, logistics, IT and beverage companies, giving us unrivalled experience in a number of sectors.

We offer a full service operation for our clients to ensure that any illegitimate operations are completely shut down and that owners, manufacturers and distributors are held accountable. This includes identifying counterfeit products, conducting test purchases, tracking counterfeit channels, co-ordinating search and seizure operations, and destroying counterfeit goods. In addition to our anti-counterfeit and brand enforcement programmes, we also offer practical solutions to organisations requiring ongoing brand protection to safeguard against any future threats.

Our partnerships with domestic and international government enforcement agencies ensure that our reach is global. As a specialised brand enforcement agency our solutions are strategic and our operations are tactical. Coupled with our vast experience in different sectors, our proven track record and our dedication to protecting the brands of our clients, ChaseWaterford is the preferred partner for the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

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