Investigation Services

Effective business decisions and problem solving can only be made based on reliable and accurate information. That's why our clients employ the skill and expertise of our professional investigation services so that informed business decisions can be made, safeguarding against loss of assets, revenue and integrity. No matter the breadth or complexity of the investigation, the focused, results-driven approach of our investigative service ensures that our clients always get the information they need.

At ChaseWaterford we understand that the extent and complexity of security risks are not bound by borders and as such, we've created a continent wide network of well placed local sources to provide the relevant insight required for each assignment. Combined with our experience in implementing security and risk management solutions across 45 countries, we have the unique combination of international expertise and on the ground, local knowledge to deliver reliable and accurate information. Our proven track record across the globe is testament to the hands on knowledge and experience of our specialist team, as well as our working relationships with relevant local authorities.

With our high level of global risk management experience spanning various sectors, we are able to offer local and international investigative services that include but are not limited to business intelligence, fraud, due diligence, employee and business background checks, physical surveillance and asset searches. This experience enables us to analyse, plan and execute a wide variety of complex investigations using methods that are not only effective, but also discrete, offering practical solutions to real business problems. To get the answers to your most complex business questions, trust ChaseWaterford with delivering the information required.

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