Product Vulnerability Assessment

Product vulnerability can be defined as a weaknesses in the production cycle or related processes that can be exploited by attackers, which can potentially undermine the integrity of a product, compromise the regular productivity of a business and ultimately lead to financial loss. Because of the many touch points in the production process the security risks are highly complex and as such, a comprehensive product vulnerability assessment is necessary.

At ChaseWaterford, we understand that to effectively mitigate production vulnerability, security risks must first be fully understood. That's why our product vulnerability assessment forms the basis of our ongoing security risk management. Each stage of the entire production cycle, from the delivery of raw materials to packing and shipping, is systematically analysed to identify any vulnerable areas. Our experienced fraud examiners then evaluate each security risk and use this business intelligence to develop security measures that can be implemented across the production cycle.

To safeguard against future product vulnerabilities, it's essential that the security measures implemented are practical solutions to real risk management problems that fit seamlessly with the operations and process of an organisation. The result is a comprehensive and robust production cycle that not only reduces security risk, but creates a framework of integrity, accountability and transparency that can be continually managed.

With experience in dealing with large scale fraud and corruption across various countries and industries, and with a unique understanding of the many forms of product vulnerability and security risks, trust ChaseWaterford with your product vulnerability assessment.

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