Total Security Management

Total Security Management

For businesses that require complete management of their security as well as comprehensive information protection, ChaseWaterford's total security management merges all channels of our expertise into a single security solution, tailored specifically to meet the requirements of different business risk profiles. With this holistic approach, businesses can be assured that their security is being expertly managed by an experienced risk management partner, offering more time and resources to focus on other business areas for optimised business performance.

The strategic value of our total security management is our proactive and pre-emptive approach to managing security. Instead of being reactive to security breaches, which can compromise the financial health and integrity of a business, we develop and implement a robust security management framework that minimise security risks in a systematic and structured manner.

With our experience in risk management across a range of sectors, including telecommunications, finance, mining, manufacturing and logistics, and with our analytical approach to developing practical security management solutions, we are able to offer high value services that include but are not limited to:

  • Geopolitical and Risk Assessment Surveys
  • Protective Security Surveys
  • Security Staffing and Recruitment
  • Contract Management
  • Crisis & Contingency Planning
  • Security Education and Training

At ChaseWaterford, the focus of our total security management is to deliver a high quality, fully integrated security management system that offers real value and return. This is done by not only mitigating security risks in the present day, but by offering ongoing protection through continuous threat assessments, which is necessary for reducing risk in increasingly risky environments.

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