Security Risk Assessment

Assets are one of the most valuable components of any business, however not every business understands the true cost of a security threat to these assets until after a security breach has occurred. That's why ChaseWaterford's security risk assessment provides organisations with a strategic security plan that is proactive, not reactionary, offering assurance that tangible and non tangible assets remain protected, ultimately safeguarding the financial stability of your business.

With decades of experience in risk management, ChaseWaterford offers a comprehensive security risk assessment that delivers the business intelligence required to identify and resist threats in an increasingly risky environment. With developments in technology and the increasing complexity of security risks, it's vital that businesses have a concrete understanding of the measures required for asset protection.

Depending on business requirements, our security risk assessment encompasses either the whole of or part of a business. Tangible assets (e.g. property, people, equipment and information) and intangible assets (e.g. intellectual property and processes) are first identified and defined to provide a clear understanding of the risk environment. This insight is then used to provide a multi-dimensional analysis of a businesses' security risk profile, which includes:

  • An evaluation of financial or operational consequence if an asset is lost or damaged.
  • A local, national or international threat assessment and risk analysis, which is vital to ensure that the current security risk intelligence is not outdated or misleading.
  • An evaluation of the current security measures to determine its effectiveness, relevance and real value to an organisation to ensure maximum return on investment.

Once companies are armed with the correct insight, a strategic, practical and programmatic security framework can be implemented that spans business processes, policies and operations, which includes but is not limited to security training and awareness, risk assessments, incident management and investigation, information and asset protection, personal and asset transportation, equipment, and IT security. To ensure that your valuable business assets remain protected by a robust and continual security plan, choose the experts at ChaseWaterford as your risk management partners.

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